About Me


     HI! I'm Milissa your photographer! Well maybe not yet but hopefully right? Let me tell you a little about myself.

     I have lived in Florida most of my life with small bouts of living on a sailboat in the Bahamas when I was much younger. I have

     two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband who tolerates my "creativeness" LOL I'm kidding, he supports me 100%

     I am a christian woman who gave her life to Christ approximately 8 years ago in the bathroom of our home. If it weren't for the

     faith of my husband one of our very close friends, I might not have come to see how wonderful the Lord truly is. I try to live my

     life and run my business with the same principles that the Lord has set forth for us.

     I love scrapbooking and photography. That is how this business came to be. When I was scrapbooking I received a lot of praise

     for my photos and decided to go on a long journey to start my business. I finally started my business 5 years ago and think it is

     one of the best and most rewarding things I have ever done.

     I want you to feel like this was the most fun you have ever had. I want to document your families, accomplishments,

     engagements, pregnancies, your children's milestones and the births of your children. Let's have fun together!